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Applying For an Isracard Visa

The ICC Visa Electron debit card is widely used in Israel and the United States. The Isracard consortium also offers a second debit card to its affiliate banks, branded 'Direct'. This international version of MasterCard Direct is less common. Isracard's business model allows the card's issuers to charge higher clearing fees to businesses. Despite its lower acceptance, the total amount of money charged by businesses to Isracard increased by 25 percent in the first half of 1995.


If you want to apply for an Isracard visa, you will need to first open your file in the Mas Hachnasa, Maam, or Bituach Leumi. In the first or second year, you will receive a document known as a "hatzharat hon," which is a financial accounting of all assets. A competent accountant is necessary to fill out the forms correctly. The hatzharat hon is crucial as the mas hachnasa will compare it to future hatzharot hon and flag discrepancies.

In order to get an Isracard visa, you must be a Jewish citizen or be a legal permanent resident of Israel. In addition, you need to have an Israeli ID card. These cards are available at the Israeli Consulate, the US Embassy, and in most cases, at a bank branch. These cards also come in a variety of denominations and types, including the smallest denominations, which are less common than those used by others.

The Isracard visa is a convenient way to pay for your holiday in Israel. In addition to having a high limit of funds, it is also known as a prepaid credit card. The Isracard visa is valid for six months after being issued. This is good news for travelers and tourists. If you plan to stay longer in Israel, you can easily renew your Isracard visa by adding more money to your card. This is because your Israeli credit card will cover all the expenses that you will incur when traveling in the country.

The newest Isracard card can be used to pay for travel and merchandise online. Unlike a traditional debit card, an Isracard Visa can be used for international purchases. It is widely accepted in many countries and offers the highest limits in the world. It is easier to obtain an Isracard Visa card than an ICC Visa Electron. Once you have your card, you can now begin enjoying all the convenience and flexibility of making purchases online.

Mizrahi-Tefahot Card

The Mizrahi-Tefer Bank is a major Israeli financial institution that issues both debit and credit cards. The bank has multiple branches across the country as well as four International Private Banking Centers. These centers are staffed by native speakers from the respective countries to remove language barriers. This allows for personalized service. Mizrahi-Tefer Bank is a member of the Visa and MasterCard networks.

Isracard Direct

The ICC Visa Electron debit card is the most popular form of the Isracard Direct Visa. The international version, MasterCard Direct, is a less common variant. In the first half of 1995, the amount of transactions made with the ICC Visa Electron debit card increased by 25 percent. The ICC Visa Electron debit card is also widely used in Israel. Until 2002, the Isracard Direct debit card was known as the Electro Cheque.

With the help of Isracard Global, merchants can accept payments in various currencies and receive the best rates. The partnership with Forter helps retailers protect their online business from fraud. In addition to being a credit card, the Isracard Group is a leader in the Israeli card industry. It has been in business for over 40 years and focuses on issuing, clearing, and financing credit cards. Whether you're looking for a credit card or need a business card, the Isracard Group has something for you.

In recent years, Isracard, a credit card issuer in Israel, has partnered with Cyota, an international online payment security company. This partnership makes online shopping safe and secure by enabling consumers to make purchases without revealing their actual credit card number. Moreover, if a consumer makes a purchase on an online store, the SecureClick system automatically checks the final invoice for any discrepancies.

Besides accepting payments from customers, Isracard has launched a smartphone application called Isracard PAYware. The device is small and innovative and can be removed from the smartphone. The user can view transaction details and track their history. Isracard PAYware also works well with credit and debit card companies. It's convenient to use and makes payments wherever you are. This is one of the reasons it is popular in Israel.

Isracard International

The newest addition to the Isracard portfolio is a global e-commerce payment platform. Isracard Global will allow merchants to accept multiple currencies while ensuring optimal rates. Additionally, its partnership with Forter will protect online businesses from fraud. Founded in 1975, the Isracard Group has a history of providing credit card services for merchants and consumers worldwide. The Isracard brand includes MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Isracard's successful business model led it to acquire full ownership of Aminit, an Israeli credit card company. It also gained a license to operate the American Express brand in Israel. In 1996, Isracard merged local and international cards and began marketing them under the "yes MasterCard" campaign. In 2001, the company was awarded the license to operate the American Express brand in Israel. The company restarted marketing Visa cards, but only in small amounts. The company still does not clear transactions on gambling sites.

In addition to its e-commerce venture, Isracard plans to make a major impact on the online payment industry. By working with Cyota, Isracard aims to accelerate the growth of e-commerce in Israel. By combining these two technologies, Isracard is enabling consumers to make purchases online without divulging their actual credit card numbers. The program also doubles the security level of online payments by preventing fraudulent activities.

Isracard estimates there are 3.8 million credit cards in Israel. American Express holds 4 percent of this market. Diners, CAL, and LeumiCard each have around 18 percent of the market. Depending on the company, the total number of cards issued may differ by up to 3 million. While the market share of the credit card companies in Israel varies, Isracard and Visa CAL are all aimed at serving an elite group of clients.

Isracard Credit Card

The US-based multinational asset management company Blackstone plans to acquire the Israeli credit card company Isracard. Founded in 1975, Isracard offers loans, credit solutions, and flexible payment options for its clients. Isracard's three primary operating segments are issuer, clearing, and network. Its customers have four million active debit cards and over one-hundred and sixty points of sale. The company's shares were sold in an initial public offering in 2019.

The company has four major brands including Isracard, Max, and Leumi, which are used for a variety of different transactions. Its products include gift cards, business cards, and student loans. It also offers discounts on debit card brands and loans. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. It operates independently of Bank Hapoalim B.M. as of March 9, 2020. This article provides an overview of the company's products and services.

Isracard was re-branded under the MasterCard brand in 1996. The rebranding was part of the "yes MasterCard" campaign. In addition to Isracard credit cards, it also marketed international cards under the American Express brand in Israel. Since the rebranding, Visa cards have resumed marketing, targeting mostly Bank Hapoalim customers. As of June 2015, Isracard is the largest credit card company in Israel, with a total of 59 brands.

With more than 4 million credit cards, Isracard serves Israeli consumers for over 40 years. As the only credit card company in the country to support three major global brands, Isracard has become the largest consumer club in Israel. It also services the largest consumer clubs in the country. When upgrading from an existing CRM, the company faced numerous integrations, data terabytes, and a variety of challenges. However, its new solution has made this process seamless, and freed up the retailers from the burden of payments.

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